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My first blog entry, 

September, 2017

So I’m only a dog! What do I know? And why am I blogging anyway?

Here’s the deal. My human mom, Claire, says I have to start earning my keep. You know, to pay for stuff like prescription dog food, vaccinations, medications, & pedicures. Then there’s doggy daycare, which I haven't been to since she retired. Bummer, I really liked sniffing butts with my friends. AND the best part was, I got to pee & poop on the floor & the humans had to clean it up. Cool! 

Yes, those were happier days. Now I’m lucky if I get to see another dog all week. Oh yeah, sometimes I see them from our front window as they pass our house, or in the car next to ours. Or once in a while when Claire takes me for a walk or to the dog park. But that’s not often. She says, “It’s too hot, too rainy, too early, too late”. Or she’s too busy, too tired, the park is too far, it’s too muddy, it’s supposed to rain today. You get the idea.

Sometimes Claire just sleeps the day away. Now I don’t have a problem sleeping, believe me! I’ll stay in bed as long as she does.   But ‘til 3:30 pm, REALLY? Lately, however, things are looking up. Claire's finding some cool things to do in retirement. So, we're sleeping less and playing more. And Claire's even walking with our next door neighbor 5 days a week. They took me a couple of times but the heat almost did me in, so now I watch them leave from my favorite spot at the front window. The best part of Claire's retirement so far is that we're both happier now that she's into her creative projects! 

Well, it's chow time!! Sure hope she adds some chicken to my kibble tonight!

Bye for now,

Snuffles, Snorts, & other weird French bulldog noises,

Annabelle, AKA, "Belle the Biker Babe"


Please remember what our mothers taught us, 

"If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Thanks, Annabelle, AKA "Belle"

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