All About 

"Custom Canine Creations"

Most Important

We Are Doggedly Earth Friendly & Animal Friendly

All clothing, costumes, & props 

are made from recycled materials. 

  The Oregon Humane Society (OHS) 

receives 10% of profits!

So, with every order, you can feel good 

About supporting a greener earth 

And healthier, happier animals!


To create FUN, one-of-a kind, products, 

Which bring JOY, HAPPINESS, & 

COMFORT where needed, 

To fellow dog (and all pet) lovers, 

While respecting the environment

And all of its inhabitants,

Humans and animals alike.


A dirty, pink yard sale chair was transformed into Annabelle's "Princess Chair".  A used 4-wheeler was turned into "Belle the Biker Babe's Snarly Davison". Annabelle's wigs, along with her princess dress & accessories came from thrift stores or yard sales. Her flower girl carriage was found at a flea market, cleaned up, & painted white and gold. 

A gently used prom dress provided the material for Annabelle's flower girl outfit, including her hat. An extensive collection of recycled prom dresses allows me to fashion an outfit to compliment the color scheme of any wedding, birthday, or other special occasion. [Pricing is based on the work involved in each individual design project.] 


This new business venture, "Custom Canine Creations" by Claire, is dedicated to Rudy, who was a 14-year-old Irish terrier, and to his human mom, Pat S. of Vancouver, WA. It was due to Rudy’s impending passing that I took photos of him at Pat’s request. Sadly, Rudy died the day after these pictures were taken. I had dressed him In various outfits & taken photos of him in many different poses. Later, I hastened to frame my favorite pictures of him as a gift to Pat. She was deeply touched and appreciative. In fact, she was so impressed that she suggested I make a business of taking "Keepsake Photo Portraits" of other beloved canine companions, especially those like Rudy, with limited time left on this earth.

AND SO . . . 




I'm dedicated to capturing your dog's unique personality, cuteness, & quirks. My collection of hundreds of clothing & accessory combinations makes it highly unlikely that any two dogs would ever be dressed alike. Lucy, at left, is a spunky 15-yr-old Irish terrier. She was a long-time pal and sparring partner for Rudy. She lives in Vancouver, WA. 

Each photo subject is “interviewed” in person (or by phone & photo) to determine what kinds of clothes, props or accessories would best suit his or her individual style and personality!

Whenever possible, photo shoots are done in the comfort of your home so that your canine companion feels more relaxed and secure, with fewer distractions. 

Again pictured at left, Lucy is showing off her glamorous side. She's ready to prance around town in style!

If you'd like, Keepsake Photo Portrait sessions will include a CD of all the photos so that you may print as many copies as you wish for your personal use. 

I promise that you'll have one-of-a-kind pictures, which you’ll be proud to display at home, at work, or perhaps feature on a Christmas card or enclose in a letter. 

NOTE: Your precious pooch may even be selected for inclusion in one of our future calendars or on greeting cards!

In Loving Memory . . . 

Again, this is Rudy, Lucy's long-time pal and sparring partner. It was an honor to take "Keepsake Photo Portraits" of this "brave little boy" as Pat, his human mom,  described him. His cancer left him with only 3 legs, before it spread to his lungs. He was a very special dog - and a very important member of Pat's family. 

*Inquire about grief and loss support and informal counseling.

Here's a Typical Review from One of Our Customers

"Claire really captured the personalities of Rudy & Lucy in wonderful pictures that I'll always treasure. Their costumes and poses are so unique and different that I've had many compliments from friends. Most importantly, Rudy is no longer with me, but I have these wonderful photos to remember him by. His sweetness and gentle intelligence really shine through. Coming to my house to take the pictures let the dogs be comfortable and so their personalities easily came out. 

I highly recommend Claire to anyone who wants special pictures of their canine family." Pat Spencer, Vancouver, WA

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